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Karla announces 1st Quarter 2014 Homesteading Classes

Yelm’s Karla Broschinski

Empowerment through Knowledge and Experience,
Homesteading Skill classes to become more self-sufficient.

Sprouts- your in-door garden on your window sill.
Saturday, January 18th, 2pm to 5 pm. .
Do you know that you can grow your sprouts year around? These little powerhouses are loaded with enzymes and vitamins and you can grow them in a few days in your kitchen. In this Wild-Shop you will learn the basics of sprouting and how to create inexpensive sprouting equipment to take home.

Early Bird special till January 10th: class $ 30 plus $4 material, after January 10th class $ 35 plus $4 for material.

– How to become a Beekeeper.
Saturday, February 8th, from 2 pm to 5 pm,
You will get an overview about the basics of beekeeping and how to get started. We will show you all the basic material you need (Langstroth Hives) and where to get it. You also will have a chance to taste and see different bee products (honey, pollen, bee bread, mead, soap, candles and more)
Early Bird Special till January 31st $ 30; after January 31st $35.

– Make your own probiotic drinks and other healthy beverages as well as kefir.

Sunday, February 23rd, from 2pm to 5 pm.
Here you learn all the yummy and wild alternatives to sodas and soft drinks. You will be introduced to how to make kefir, a very easy probiotic food and drink. We will show you how to make Kombucha the natural way as well as with different natural flavors.We will also talk about how to make your custom made drink to protect and support you against radiation. We also have Ginger Ale and Honegar on our to-do-list. You will take home some kefir start and Kombucha Scoby.
Early Bird Special till February 15th: class $30 plus $4 material; after February 15th class $35 plus $4 material.

– Stock up your medicinal cabinet. Learn to make different tinctures and oils from the wild.
Saturday, March 15th from 2pm to 5pm.
At this time of the year we will use different roots from several plants, just before the life force of the plant will start new growth in Spring. We will work with Oregon Grapes, Comfrey, Usnea and Dandelion.
Early Bird Special till March 7th $ 30; after March 7th $35.

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