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“WA State Bill Proposes Criminalizing Help To NSA”

NSA listening post in Yakima, Washington. (Image: via Google Maps)

– “Washington State Bill Proposes Criminalizing Help To NSA, Turning Off Resources To Yakima Facility”
“The campaign to turn off power to the NSA has gotten a big boost. Washington has become the first state with a physical NSA location to consider a Fourth Amendment protection act designed to make life extremely difficult for the massive spy agency [January 15, 2014],” quoting Michael Boldin in Truthout, who is the executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center, based in Los Angeles. Working with the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, the center is leading the OffNow coalition to push back against NSA spying on a state-level.
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– “Help shut off NSA’s electricity”
“A bill with bipartisan support in the Washington State legislature would block all state support for NSA activities that violate the Fourth Amendment. This could include cutting off electricity and water to the NSA’s surveillance center at Yakima from which the NSA spies on our phones and emails without any warrant or probable cause,” quoting Roots Action Network.
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– “Some States Have a Sneaky Plan to Stop the NSA”

“What are outraged American citizens to do after the federal government has pretty much decided to do nothing to fix the unconstitutional NSA spy program? Get the states involved! A handful of states across the country have already begun devising plans to thwart the dubious agency with state laws, including stopping the NSA facilities water and electricity access.

So far, six states (Missouri, California, Oklahoma, Kansas, Washington, and Indiana) have introduced bills that target the NSA. Though they all differ somewhat, each states bill would impede NSA operations within their boundaries.

In Washington, for example, the bill would attack the NSA on multiple fronts:

+ State and local officials would be barred from providing information or support to the NSA.
+ The NSA would be forbidden from researching and recruiting at state universities.
+ Evidence collected by the NSA would be inadmissible in state courts.
+ Businesses that have contracts with the state would not be allowed to conduct business with the NSA in any capacity; companies that disobeyed would lose their contracts and face criminal charges.
+ Access to water and electricity provided by the state would be cut off altogether,” ,” quoting Kevin Mathews, Care2.
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