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“How the CDC Transformed 21 Raw Milk Illnesses Into 20,000”

Editor’s Note:
The attacks against Raw Milk sold in this country is out of control.
This story below is pertinent locally because raw milk has been sold here at the Yelm Food Co-op for many years, where Dungeness Valley Creamery products are proudly sold.
I have visited the Creamery and used their products for almost a decade!

“The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) frequently cites raw milk as a leading cause of foodborne illness outbreaks and deaths. The problem is, if you look at the actual data, you will not find any deaths linked to raw milk in the US. Even illnesses linked to this food are minimal, and far lower than those from the CDC-approved and supported pasteurized milk.

By continuing to publish misleading data about the illnesses (or rather the lack of illnesses) linked to raw milk, an educated consumer cannot help but view the CDC as biased against raw milk and in favor of industrial dairy.

The latest case of data massaging is especially blatant, signaling that either the CDC is becoming even more brazen in its attacks or is beginning to get worried that raw milk is catching on”

“CDC-Reported Raw Milk Deaths Were Not from Raw Milk,” quoting Dr. Mercola.
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UPDATE: March 13, 2014
“Milk with more fat may help you lose weight, not gain it”
From KING-5 TV News Healthlink.
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– UPDATE: March 28, 2014
“Thomas Massie Introduces Bipartisan Raw Milk Freedom Legislation”
By Thomas Masse.
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– UPDATE: April 8, 2014
“The War On Raw Milk”
Read more from Nelson Hultberg is a freelance writer in Dallas, Texas and the Director of Americans for a Free Republic.

– UPDATE: May 27, 2014
“The Raw Milk Crackdown on the Most Peaceful Among Us”
By Dr. Mercola.
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