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Yakima’s water? –
“‘Bizarre’ Cluster of … Birth Defects Haunts … Experts”

“‘Bizarre’ Cluster of Severe Birth Defects Haunts Health Experts”

“Research has shown that there are potential links between anencephaly and exposure to molds and to pesticides, Ashley-Koch said. Central Washington is a prime agricultural area that produces crops from apples and cherries to potatoes and wheat, which may require pesticides that contain nitrates.

‘They may have eaten the same type of produce from a particular grower or farmer, which essentially put all those folks at risk,’ she said.

A Texas A&M University Health Science Center study published last year found that mothers of babies with spina bifida were twice as likely to ingest at least 5 milligrams of nitrate daily from drinking water than control mothers of babies without major birth defects,” quoting Jonel Aleccia,NBC News.
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