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Do YOU have “Have an exit plan”

Matt Drudge

“Matt Drudge, owner and publisher of the Drudge Report, recently tweeted a cryptic warning to his readers, Have an exit plan. Here is how Susan Duclos reported the story in BeforeItsNews.com:

“First of all, most of Americas pastors and churches are doing nothing to help their people make commonsense preparations for any number of looming disasters. In fact, they are fueling the passiveness and indifference most people are drowning in. In the second place, the establishment media is deliberately hiding and obfuscating the truth. In the third place, too many politicians are so consumed with their own lust for wealth and power, that they would do anything to keep the American people in the dark. And, yes, some of them are actually ignorant themselves and are immersed in their own darkness. And, beyond that, the American people continue to turn their backs on honest political candidateswho know whats going on and would truly make a gallant effort to turn the ship of state aroundand elect the same kinds of establishment elitists (regardless of party) who only want to maintain the status quo.

Ladies and gentlemen, this party is almost over. The charade is about to be exposed. Whether it be by divine judgment or the natural result of all of this corruption and graft (probably both), America is going to be forced to pay the bills. And its not going to be pretty.

Government agencies are not buying up millions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition for target practice. First it was the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), then it was the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), then the Social Security Administration (SSA), then the Department of Education (DE), then the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and now its the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Thats right. The Post Office is making mega-purchases of ammunition,” quoting Charles “Chuck” Baldwin.
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