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Clearwood Community holds Board Meeting

Photo credit: Zachary Smith, DouglasFir.net
via the Clearwood Community

The Clearwood Community Association’s annual Board Meeting, where members can submit resolutions to the Board of Directors, was conducted on Saturday, March 15 beginning at 9am at Lackamas School in the Bald Hills. The Association, comprised of 1,355 lot owners within the Clearwood Community with an approximate residential population of 4,000 persons, makes this the second largest community in southeast Thurston County after the City of Yelm.

The meeting was attended by approximately 40 persons, which is a very poor turnout for an agenda that was an investment for all 1,355 lot owners.

On the Agenda –

– Water System Update – Status of wells:
* well # 4 is offline, well #1 & #2 are supplying the community’s water needs, however if there is a dry summer, there may be mandatory water cutbacks.

– Potential voting issues for the 2015 annual meeting:
* Member sponsored Resolutions – none were presented
* Board sponsored Resolutions -10 were presented and all were unanimously affirmed by the Board, except a cap on regular assessment increases and a budget resolution. These will be further tweaked by the Board prior to the May meeting.

– Candidates for the Board of Directors, in order of declaration for the two open seats:
* Keith Helm – stated he wants the Board to follow the law (RCW)
* Marvin Shoe – a former Board member
* John Moore – a former Board member, focus on water, funding (budget), better quality of life issues.
* Bob Owen – current Board member, continue accomplishments, investments to increase property values.
Strong on core values, i.e. budget discipline, proper cash reserves levels, financial transparency.
* Vic Espinosa – former Board member and author of the commentary, Ramblins’

– Future Meetings announced for the members:
* Thursday, March 27, 5pm, Board Meeting.
* Sunday, March 30, 2pm, Town Hall Meeting with a Q & A.
* Saturday, May 17, Board Meeting – questions can be asked about the Resolutions.

– Other issues discussed:
* Association’s “Bad debt” includes a high amount of foreclosed homes, resulting in greater than $10,000 in fee write-offs.
* Computer upgrade
* Security cost increase
* Today’s meeting Resolutions to be posted online on the Clearwood Community website for members.
* Board President Linda Doucette was challenged for changing her recent vote on the budget, which she explained extremely well in terms of following Assn. insurance policy-holders’ and attorneys’ counsel.

– Open Mic Q & A, comments:
The highlight of the session was a public comment by a lot owner, Seattle resident and non-profit employee Ms. Griffiths. She acknowledged the Board for their time, commitment and steadfastness amidst the challenges, which garnered applause from the audience. She also stated that as an experienced manager from a prominent non-profit, she needed to proclaim that the cash reserves for water and other operations were at critically low levels and that the annual assessments at Clearwood vs. the costs to operate were very low, that members need to step-up with funding to bring the budget and reserves to acceptable levels.

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Blog writer Klein & his wife own property in the Clearwood Community.

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