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The Olympian provides balanced report on Yelm couple

Jeremy Pawloski wrote this excellent report published this afternoon in The Olympian:
“Romanian government seeking extradition of Yelm couple on tax evasion charges”
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Editor’s Note:
Pawloski’s report today was very professional and all factual, with no mention of the couple’s spiritual affiliation, just the same they would do as if the couple were members of an area Christian church or Jewish synagogue – their spiritual beliefs are irrelevant to the story.
This stands in stark contrast with the NVN’s sensationalistic reports and community-divisive Question-of-the-Week (see below), reminiscent of the NVN’s former direction by then-Publisher/Editor Keven Graves.
Is Wagar being pressured from his newspaper’s owners to return to Graves-like divisiveness?

There is a football term known as “piling on,” that once a play is stopped, the opposing team piles on the ball holder of the other team. Known another way as “kicking someone in the gut” when they are down.

Both of these acts are anathema to Judeo/Christian teachings.

Perhaps Mr. Wagar can understand that for the NVN to “pile on” with his newspaper’s assertions (originally his subtitle was “RSE connected” + Question-of-the-Week “Is RSE a cult”) and also allow his Christian minister commentator in his “religious” column to “kick in the gut” our fellow Yelm residents from Romania, before their own hearing occurs on May 22nd, that he was being the “judge, juror and sentencer” before the U. S. federal government even has the time to gather information on this couple to corroborate the Romanian government’s claims.
Regardless of Wagar’s spiritual beliefs, this was NOT the Christian way.

Wagar would be wise to put himself in their shoes and consider how this feels from this families’ point of view!
And did he investigate what people have told the couple’s two young boys about the effects the NVN’s story has had on them, too – two boys now in the care of Child Protective Services?
“The lessons of consequence” is that Wagar’s report affected so many lives.

Wagar could have benefited this community by having compassion in discussing the “human” angle to this story, a missed opportunity.

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