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Thurston County’s “Waste Less Food” Campaign

Thurston County “Waste Reduction News”

Thurston County Solid Waste’s waste reduction supervisor Terri Thomas has been making the rounds throughout the county with the new “Waste Less Food” campaign. Thomas made a presentation to the Yelm City Council on Tuesday, April 8 with the website,
The website has a wealth of information on food households waste and suggestions on how to reduce food waste, including ways to measure how much food your household is wasting.

Americans throw away a quarter of all food they buy, Thomas said.

From Thurston County Solid Waste:
Waste Less Food!

Keep your food – and money – out of the trash!

Download the complete Waste Less Food packet.

The average American wastes 209-254 pounds of edible food each year. That is a huge waste of resources and costs a family of four about $130 a month. Yet most people dont realize they waste that much.
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