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Despite Pastor Adams’ devisiveness towards RSE –
this community will unite in an emergency

Pastor Jeff Adams, Paramount Christian Chruch
Photo credit: Facebook page of Jeff Adams, July 2013.

When I lived in Miami in the early 1970’s, I experienced my first hurricane warning (Fall 1973) and witnessed people clean-out all of the grocery shelves within hours. I have seen people do just about anything for food. When a community is in need, however, people pull together.

In stark contrast to the fine Christian Pastor Adams’ constant vitriol on Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) and their “cult” students, this community has experienced RSE folks from all walks of life being on the front-lines along with others in our faith community in offering their resources, giving, assisting, helping, and being on-scene for our neighbors.

– We only have to look as far as 100 miles from here at the recent mudslide in Oso, WA to see how that community united to confront their tragedy:
“Ed Hrivnak was blown away when he first saw the colossal wave of mud that ravaged the small town of Oso, but it was watching the community pull together that struck him the most,” quoting Stacia Glenn, staff writer for the Tacoma News Tribune.
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– If this community experienced a similar emergency, would Pastor Adams or any of his congregation needing help ask if the givers & helpers were:
– straight or gay,
– black or white,
– Native Americans or Hispanics,
– Gentile or Jew, or
– RSE student or non-RSE student?
The answer, of course, is a resounding, “NO!”

– Are the Nisqually Valley News (NVN) and Pastor Adams’ columns “fair” when they’re hurtful?
The NVN says a public “debate” is healthy and “fair” for publication with their Question-of-the-Week,
“Is RSE a cult?”
They also stand by Pastor Adams’ column of incitement against RSE, yet don’t they both cross a line when they are hurtful to any segment of the readers & population, especially when most of the assertions are incendiary and based on innuendo, rumor, hearsay and emotion?
And, Adams’ continues his denigration of RSE students in this week’s NVN.

– To be what they call fair and balanced, what if the NVN posed this as a Question of the Week?
“Is Pastor Adams’ disparagement of RSE divisive in our community?”
Wouldn’t that would garner the same hurt for Adams’ congregants, and more incitement in the NVN?
Of course!

– Wouldn’t Pastor Adams do well to practice what he preaches?
Quoting his NVN column September 19, 2013:
“Finding Reason”
“Dont Just Read the Bible; Do What It Says”

“He [Jesus] said the person who listens to His words and actually does what He says is just like a man who builds his house on a rock. Conversely, the one who hears Jesus words yet does not follow His direction is just like a man who built his house on sand.”

“It is about being more than a simple hearer of Jesus, and becoming a doer of His will. It means if you simply say you believe but do not illustrate it with your life of obedience to Christ, you are on an unstable foundation.”

– Whatever happened to LIVING your life of obedience to Christ, instead of simply saying it and being on an unstable foundation, Pastor Adams?”

– Whatever happened to these teachings from the “good book?”
“‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”
Mark 12:31
‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’
Matthew 22:39
New International Version

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