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Food safety and consumption in the news

– Introducing TellSpec
“The worlds first handheld device able to scan food so consumers know more about the ingredients before they buy or eat the food. TellSpec brings together spectroscopy and a unique mathematical algorithm in a revolutionary system that can analyze the chemical composition of foods. This system consists of a convenient handheld wireless scanner communicating with a fast cloud analysis engine. These work together to gather the spectrum of your food, analyze that spectrum, and display information about the food in an easy-to-understand interface on your smartphone.”
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– “Grocery Manufacturers Association is pushing for legislation that will kill State GMO labeling; For how long we are going to let evil biotech and GMA sweep their dirt under the carpet hoping that enough number of people would remain indifferent to what they do?”
Read more from the Seattle Organic Restaurants.com.

– “Rethinking Our Rights to Dangerous Behaviors”
“[Nicholas] Freudenbergs case is that the food industry is but one example of the threat to public health posed by what he calls the corporate consumption complex, an alliance of corporations, banks, marketers and others that essentially promote and benefit from unhealthy lifestyles.”
Read more from Mark Bittman in The New York Times.

– “14 foods you should never eat”
Read more from MSN.

– “FDAs Proposed Changes to Nutrition Label Draws Widespread Attention”
“Packaged foods that are typically consumed in one sitting will now have to declare total calories and other nutrient data as one single serving. No more chip bags giving you nutritional data for what amounts to a dozen chip pieces.
Read more from Dr. Mercola.

– “CSPI Supports Proposed Nutrition Facts Revisions”
“But the Group Will Ask FDA to Add Daily Value for Added Sugars and Lower Daily Value for Sodium”
Read more from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

– “Sugar Consumption Accounts for a Big Chunk of Healthcare Costs”
Read more from Dr. Mercola.

– California Legalized Selling Food Made At Home And Created Over A Thousand Local Businesses
“A government official appears at a mans door. The man has been breaking the law: He has sold bread baked at home.

This isnt a page from Kafkait happened to Mark Stambler in Los Angeles,” quoting Nick Sibilla Nick Sibilla, Contributor in Forbes.
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