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Yelm “Downstreamers” make case against Yelm on water

Yelm “Downstreamers” makes impact on city’s receiving more than doubling of water rights:
“Our case is scheduled to be heard by the [Thurston County] Superior Court on May 8, 2014 in Olympia, presided by Judge Christine Schaller. Ecology and Yelm submitted their briefs on February 18, and our final brief was submitted on February 27th.

I [Sara Foster] just received word that an Amicus Brief was filed. Amicus Curiae literally means friend of the court, and is a person or entity with strong interest or views on the subject matter. In this case, water usage. They help to raise awareness about aspects of the case the court might otherwise miss. They are not paid for this expertise.

An attorney (not my attorney) filed on behalf of the Carnegie Group and CELP (Center for Environmental Law and Policy). CELP has been called Washingtons Water Watchdog, protecting streams, rivers and aquifers. They are, of course, a nonprofit agency. They are also the folks that initially guided and assisted me in the beginning of this journey, a few years ago. They also assisted in procuring a terrific water attorney to help me, Patrick Williams, as I was being blown out of the water doing it by myself. Sara Foster vs. the City of Yelm and Dept of Ecology was out of my league, to be sure.

The Carnegie Group began in 2006 in response to the evolving economic crises. I just looked them up. I personally dont know anything about them, but am pleased they are rooting for the Future.

I am pleased at the new development and will keep you updated.”

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