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Palm Sunday 2014 in Yelm, WA –
No “Reason” found in Finding Reason column

Yelm, WA – No “reason” found in NVN’s “Finding Reason” column

“Jesus didnt tolerate spiritual leaders who misled,”
says Pastor Jeff Adams’ in his Nisqually Valley News (NVN) “Finding Reason” column this week, with another veiled reference aimed at JZ Knight & Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) students.

– In Adams’ column last week, he claims the pilot of a 1984 Avianca Airlines jet crash turned off the automatic warning system and said Shut up, Gringo to the cockpit command, prior to the plane crashing into the side of a mountain, with no survivors.
Adams then goes on to say the aircraft’s “black box proved valuable in how pilots are now trained with a renewed emphasis to not ignore automatic warning systems” in his column titled “Pay Mind to Our Auto-Warning System,” in yet another veiled reference to JZ Knight and RSE.

Further, a simple internet search would show the automatic warning systems to which Adams refers, called a ground proximity warning system, had never been disengaged in each of Avianca’s three jet crashes, according to their Black Box transcripts.

– Why should NVN readers tolerate Adams when he misled by using an internet rumor for his own agenda?

– Adams has not responded with the source of his statements,
a request I posted in the NVN online edition, yet his Shut up, Gringo assertion IS offensive to all of our Colombian friends and neighbors, who take pride in the quality and history of their country’s airlines.

A local citizen was quoted in the newspaper
expressing care and concern by the Christians in town for the students at RSE.

Many more citizens from ALL walks of life in the Yelm area
are concerned about a Pastor using his “bully pulpit” of a “religious column” to mislead the public with unsubstantiated innuendos dressed-up as facts.

On this Palm Sunday 2014 in Yelm
“Jesus didnt tolerate spiritual leaders who misled.”
Many consider the use of the word “Gringo” a racist slur, so we must ask Adams who’s the bigot now?
Why should NVN readers tolerate Adams when he misled with an internet rumor used for his own agenda?

When unsubstantiated internet rumors are published and used to stir public debate, isn’t our local “news” paper’s credibility at stake?
Yes, of course.
Then, hasn’t the time come for Pastor Adams’ column to cease?

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