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Steven Nielson, LD 2 Candidate runs against Wilcox

Steven Nielson, Candidate, State Rep.
2nd Legislative District, Pos. 2

Statement from Steven Nielson:
“Future generations deserve a freer society than what we are giving them today, a political system without corporate sponsorship, and a breakdown of the two party status-quo system which serves to make gains only for their party interests.

I believe that now is the time for taxpayers to stand up and start asking the difficult questions to politicians and political parties, in fact I beleive (sic) we have long since passed the time for serious action. I am challenging Wilcox because, as the letter states, he has lost my confidence that he is able to represent the district above the political fray.

In fact, I believe JT Wilcox represents the very source of the problems with politics today, the sort that cause the general population to build a deep seated distrust and dissatisfaction with our system of government and our elected leaders. There is a right way to lead, one of principle and fortitude, one that protects the people from destructive governance. I believe that I am best suited to meet these challenges.
In Liberty!”

“No response has been received from the Wilcox campaign at this time regarding the subject matter.”

Steven Nielson
Candidate, State Representative
2nd Legislative District, Pos. 2
Washington State
Libertarian Party

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