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Wilcox declines League of Women Voters Forum –
Wilcox should no longer represent us in Oly!

From the Campaign of Nielson for State Representative:

Sitting incumbent Rep. JT Wilcox refuses to participate

Steven Nielson, Candidate,
State Rep. LD 2, Pos. 2

The Nielson for State Representative campaign received notice on June 11th that Republican Incumbent JT Wilcox and the Marijuana Party Candidate have both failed to respond to an invitation to participate in an open candidate forum on June 28th. The forum is to be hosted by the League of Women Voters of Thurston County. Barbara Theiss, spokesperson for the forum, extended an invitation to Nielson to take the debate stage alone. Nielson accepted the invitation and offered to allow empty air time during the forum that will remain reserved for his opponents.

‘It saddens me that my opponents would pass on an opportunity to debate or even publicly discuss the most serious issues relating to our district, state, and nation. It is disrespectful to the League of Women Voters and irresponsible to the voting public in general to deny them such an open forum.’ Nielson said. Nielson added that previous attempts he has made to publicly discuss issues with his opponents have been denied, including an attempt during Wilcoxs teletownhall forum in April.

Nielsons wife and campaign volunteer, Alicia Nielson, a stay at home mother and former public educator voiced her frustration over the continued avoidance of public discussion. She wished to go on the record, stating ‘No one who refuses to openly discuss and/or debate issues should be allowed to hold a state office.’

Nielson is looking forward to the opportunity to discuss proposed legislation that he plans to take to Olympia including Electoral College Reform for the state, restrictions on nontransparent taxation, and reforms to the public education system.

The League of Women Voters of Thurston County mailed each campaign immediately following campaign registration on May 16th. Nielson accepted the invitation on June 2nd.

Nielson is a resident of the City of Orting where he is a volunteer commissioner for the Parks and Recreation and Civil Service boards, and is the Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Washington State.
He is an advocate for free association, free market competition and innovation, and wishes to return
representation and ownership to local governments.
More about Steven Nielson for State Representative can be found at www.stevennielson.com

Editor’s Note:
I totally agree with Alicia Nielson, who voiced her frustration over the continued avoidance of public discussion stating, “No one who refuses to openly discuss and/or debate issues should be allowed to
hold a state office.”

Mayor Harding refused the Nisqually Valley News (NVN) Public Forum for mayoral candidates (I was running against him then) in September 2005 and to this day, he has held NO public forum in Yelm and no opponent since he was first elected. He has not had to face the public to share his views nor hear from his constituents on theirs, except in 3 minute public comment constraints he administers in his City Council chamber’s sessions.

August 5 primary candidates,
District 2a

Democratic Party Greg Hartman
Republican Party Graham Hunt – Incumbent Hunt was first appointed to the chamber January 17, 2014.

August 5 primary candidates,
District 2b

Republican Party J.T. Wilcox – Incumbent Wilcox was first elected to the chamber in 2010.
Libertarian Party Steven Nielson
Independent Rick Payne (Marijuana Party)
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