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“Do cellphones cause cancer?” – A KING-5 HealthLink

By Kim Komando / Special for USA TODAY which was posted on KING 5 TV’s HealthLink May 30, 2014:
“I imagine you’re like me. You have least considered the idea that the phone you hold flat up against your ear day after day might have detrimental health effects. But then you shirk the concept and attribute it to a brief case of paranoia. After all, if cellphones did cause cancer, wouldn’t people be openly talking about it?

Here’s where the confusion starts.

Some scientific studies show a possible link while others show no link. Meanwhile, there are plenty of people taking to the Internet with horror stories of tumors appearing where they regularly keep their phones next to their body.

The reason this is back on my mind is a recent study out of France published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. It shows a possible link between heavy cellphone use and certain types of brain cancer.
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