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“60 new teachers for poorest South Sound schools”

“South Sound school districts can hire more than 60 extra kindergarten and first-grade teachers next year to shrink overcrowded classes.

The hires are the results of last years state budgeting. The Legislature may be way off pace of fulfilling its promise to shrink classes in the lower grades to 17 students, but lawmakers did add a fraction of the required money, targeting the poorest schools.

To get their full share of $66 million next year, each of those schools will have to show average K-1 class sizes of 20.3 kids or fewer.”

Yelm Community Schools plans to hire two new teachers to join the seven already teaching kindergarten and first grade at its only high-poverty school, Fort Stevens Elementary, even though enrollment isnt expected to rise much.

‘If that (hiring) can continue and even expand, I think thats definitely positive for the staff and students,’ Yelm deputy superintendent Jeff Role said,” quoting Jordan Schrader in The Olympian.
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