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Gov. Inslee positions state to lead on solar

Gov. Jay Inslee

– ” Washington state just lopped up to $2,500 off the cost of solar panels. Heres how.”
“Until now, the process of legally installing solar panels on a building in Washington has been what it is in most of the U.S.: while there are state and national building codes, each county enforces them differently.”

Then this April, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee issued an executive order to deal with carbon emissions and that order paved the way for the standardization and simplification of solar permitting. It was a surprisingly agreeable process, says Mia Devine, a project manager at Northwest Solar Communities, a coalition that helped with the rule changes. ‘The mandate of the governors office really made people pay attention. It actually passed unanimously.’

This whole ‘actually making it easy to put in solar’ thing is still fairly rare, but the idea of having simpler rules seems like a popular one,” quoting Heather Smith in Grist.
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Editor’s Note:
Bravo to Gov. Inslee for taking the lead in this development. I purchased my first solar panels in 1992 and for over 20 years, solar has provided a reliable year round power source for my home, even here in the Northeast. To reduce the need for fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint IS the future.

And, President Obama went the other way, unfortunately!

– “Seismic rift: Obama splits with environmentalists on Atlantic oil exploration
White House sides with energy companies in dispute with environmentalists”

“The Obama administration on Friday [July 18] green-lighted a plan to allow the oil industry to search for possible oil and gas under Atlantic waters using air guns and sonic blasts that environmentalists say can harm marine life.”

“It also helps pave the way for possible drilling off the East Coast in the 2020s by giving the industry a new chance to prove the oil and gas potential of the area as the Obama administration assembles a five-year plan for selling offshore energy leases beginning in late 2017,” quoting Jennifer A. Dlouhy in the Houston Chronicle.

Editor’s note:
Imagine Daytona Beach, Carolina’s Outer Banks or the Chesapeake Bay’s famed crabbing waters destroyed by an oil pipeline disaster? Of course, the damage to our coast’s marine life will be enormous from the sonic blasts alone!

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