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Clearwood Area Cell Tower news today

Proposed cell tower site is on the hill adjacent two water tanks on lower-right
Photo credit: Google Earth

About 25 people gathered at the Weyerhaeuser 1000 road adjacent the south gate at Clearwood this morning at 8am to observe the scheduled AT & T Mobility balloon test of a proposed cell tower. Everyone in this group was against the tower’s location, as they were nearby property owners who were well educated on the scientific studies of the unhealthful effects of these towers on those in close proximity for an extended period.

At 6pm tonight, Noah Grodzin represented AT & T Mobility at a public meeting at the Yelm Middle School to discuss the new communication tower. About 100 people were present for the informational slide presentation which included:

– AT&T Rationalization
– Coverage Map
– Customer Complaints Map
– Proposed Tower- New Coverage Map

This was followed by an extensive give and take of opinions between Clearwood residents, property owners outside Clearwood and others interested in this issue. While no one wanted the tower one or near their land, half of the group were for the proposed locale wanting cell coverage in the Bald Hills, while the other half was against the tower and said they moved out to the country to be in the pristine, natural environment, undisturbed by these frequencies.
Stay tuned for the balloon test results. More to come.

A petition has been posted for those against the cell tower which states:
New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC and Weyerhaeuser Company: Reconsider the siting of a Cell Tower near the Clearwood Community!

The proposed Cell Tower would:
1) Decrease Property Values
2) Have a detrimental effect on the Wildlife in the area – birds, animals and bees are all effected.
3) Have a significant effect on Human Health for anyone living near the cell tower.
It is documented that the most susceptible populations are fetuses/pregnant women, children and
the elderly, with impacts extending to the 3rd generation and beyond – including:
* DNA damage
* Brain and other Cancers
* Childhood Leukemia and Impaired Immune Systems
* Decreased Memory and Attention in school children
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