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Democrats rally around Greg Hartman in Yelm

LD 2 candidate Greg Hartman

The Thurston Democrats held a campaign kick-off for Legislative District 2 candidate Greg Hartman last night at Gordon’s Grange in Yelm. Hartman ran for thiis position in 2012 and while he lost, he garnered a very respectable 48% of the general election vote. Hartman has devoted his entire life to public service: 7 years in the Coast Guard and 34 years in the Fire and Emergency Services Departments, recently retiring as a Deputy Fire Chief. Hartman’s message on Education, Women’s Rights, Public Safety, Transportation, Jobs and more is timely and resonates well with his constituents.

A robust audience gathered on a warm, summer evening from a broad cross-section of the area.
Conducting the introductions at this “meet and greet the candidate evening” was a very enthusiastic Elissa Goss, Thurston County Field Organizer. She introduced and asked each of the following to say a few words:
Eric Herde, Hartman Campaign Manager
– Evan Mack, Hartman Campaign Chair
Rep. Sam Hunt, LD 22 Rep.
Yvonne Pettus, Candidate for Thurston County Clerk
Greg Hartman, LD 2 candidate
Roger Erskine, Thurston Democrats Chair
Mary Hall, Thurston County Auditor.

Hartman spoke of his vision for this Legislature position. Highlights were:
– “sharing ideas and opinions that allow us to move forward and establish a dialogue”
– “the middle class is under attack and our lifestyle is changing.”
– “we must have conversations that make us effective.”
– “I was asked why I am running – the answer is that my family and [all of] our families were instrumental in developing the middle class. We’re not going to sit idly by and let our ideals go by the wayside.”
– “We must move forward to re-establish the middle class for the future. These are the ideals I bring.”
– “I encourage all of you to speak your mind. We can move all kinds of mountains and make things happen,” on Education, Women’s Rights, Public Safety, Transportation, Jobs and more.

Erskine said,
“The voters of this area played a CRITICAL role in 2013 in getting Mary Hall elected as the first Democratic County Auditor since 1939. That is why we are here again in Yelm, as we have such a well-qualified candidate in Greg Hartman running for LD 2 to represent this area in the State House.”

Mary Hall said,
“The Primary ballots drop … [will be mailed this week] and while this Primary will have light participation, every vote matters, so please tell your family, friends and neighbors to vote.”

Following the introductions, refreshments were served and there was wonderful camaraderie in the social interactions.

Click here for more information on the Greg Hartman for LD 2 campaign.

Editor’s note:
I have noticed that at all of the Democratic meet & greet the candidate session in Yelm, no one is ever present from our local newspaper, i.e. Sandra Romero, Karen Valenzuela, Denny Heck, Bruce Lachney, Mary Hall, and now Greg Hartman. hmmmmm.

Mary Hall, Roger Erskine, Steve Klein

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