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Brenda’s Farm Stand in Yelm

About Brendas Farm Stand
Established in 2011, when I purchased the property.
Thought I would try my hand at gardening. Started with raised beds. Planted, nothing happened in the now got bored.
Thought I would do the backyard. Planted, got tired of waiting – in the now thought I would do the lower field!
Im not bored anymore.

My Philosophy
Food, so far everyone I know needs it!
and I have gone from poor diet choices to good diet choices, meat eater, vegetarian, vegan, raw foods and back again. Cared about food then to busy and didnt care.

However I know the more quality and energy I put into my food choices the healthier and better I felt.

So in planting I have tried to put in smarter, better, none GMO seeds, plants and supplements. The produce does taste better, superior I am still amazed how flavorful and fresh just out of the garden food tastes.

Food prices! I cant believe retail costs.

I now understand how Nike can produce a shoe for $10.00 and after shipping, packaging, advertising and profit, selling for $110.00. Every step in the retail chain someone is adding on their expenses and costs.

I have cut out the middle man. Direct to consumer and minimal packaging is my motto. I encourage people to recycle bring their own bags and bring me their extra shopping bags, used egg cartons or produce containers.

The produce is loose, you choose the quantity. How many times have you bought a package of herbs, as that was the only option, and thrown most of it out cause you only needed a bit? Well I understand that the packaging cost more than the herb, they need to sell at a certain price point for it to be profitable!

I dont have that limitation. Herbs are loose you can pick a sprig of thyme, or mint, or oregano and just pay for the herb!

Traveling 20 minutes to save a $1.00 is not very economical especially with todays gas prices, nor is it convenient.

Located just down the street or almost in your backyard it is convenient to stop in and get your produce and herbs fresh! Opening times are chosen to fit in with your busy lifestyles. Stop on the way home from work and if your in a hurry view the latest flyer and email pre-order or go directly to online ordering. Your order will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive.
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Brenda’s Farm Stand
10945 Vancil Rd SE
Yelm, WA, 98597
Email: info@brendasfarmstand.com
Summer Hours:
Open Monday, Wednesday & Friday 3pm- 6pm
Saturdays from 10am-2pm

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