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Anti-Bald Hills Cell Tower group unveils new website

ATT Bald Hills cell tower balloon test
July 16, 2014


A 100′ cell tower has been proposed for installation in our Bald Hills community- on Weyerhaeuser land, just outside the back gate of Clearwood. While having cell reception has it’s conveniences, many of us are extremely concerned about the negative impacts on health, the environment, and property values. There’s tons of research available demonstrating the negative impact cell towers have on all of the above.

Please note: we all recognize that the use of cell phones is personal and optional- whereas the impacts of living under a telecommunications tower are 24/7.

In response to the cell tower under consideration, several community residents met and organized in preparation for the contractor’s balloon test and public meeting. Our research has shown most compellingly and conclusively that the standards for siting these towers does not bear up to close scrutiny, and that the responsibility for addressing any impacts of concern, falls squarely and directly on those who will be impacted- namely: US.

A balloon test was held on Wednesday, July 16th at 8 AM- people gathered at Bald Hill Rd. and Road 1000 (just past the back gate of Clearwood and off to the right) at 7:30 am. (The balloon test is required to provide a visual presentation of the aesthetic impact of the proposed tower).
Later, a public meeting from 6-7:30 PM in town at the Yelm Middle School, to provide a forum for residents to meet with the project developer (Noah Grodzin of Cascadia PM, on behalf of AT&T), and specifically to identify issues or share any special information regarding the site. This was an opportunity to voice our concerns.
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