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Council set to increase Schools SRO by 50% –
How would you like a 50% increase in compensation?

Yelm Public Safety Building & City Council Chambers

Up for a vote Tuesday evening by the Yelm City Council:
“The Yelm Police Department (hereinafter referred to as Police Department) will assign one regularly employed police officer to serve as a School Resource Officer (SRO) to Yelm Community Schools [for the school year 2014/15]. The SRO will be responsible for serving as the primary SRO for all schools within the school district boundaries.”

The Staff Report by City Administrator Shelly Badger
“Chief Stancil and I have discussed the upcoming 2014/15 agreement with Superintendent Andy Wolf. We agree that the program worked well for both parties during the past year and are proposing no service level changes. However, the 2014/15 agreement does see an increase in compensation from $20,000 to $30,000 [City of Yelm’s share] for the SRO program. Yelm Community Schools has approved the attached agreement for the school year 2014/15.”

“Yelm Community Schools agrees to pay the City of Yelm $30,000 as its share of the SRO program for the period of September 1, 2014 to June 15, 2015.”

Editor’s note:
Nowhere in Badger’s Staff report is there any explanation for the increase from $40,000 to $60,000 total compensation year over year divided between Yelm Community Schools and the City of Yelm, a 50% increase in compensation. I am all for the SRO, just wondering why the City of Yelm took 15 years to raise the compensation by $10,000 on the city’s part, when they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal bills, i.e. in seizing a citizens water rights.

I e-mailed this request to City Administrator Shelly Badger, who did not respond at the time of this entry’s posting:

With such a huge increase, can you please tell me and the Yelm Community Blog readers why did the compensation rise 50% year over year for this program, which will be approved by the City Council tomorrow [Tuesday]?

City Administrator Shelly Badger responded just prior to the Yelm City Council meeting Tuesday saying, “the $20,000 amount has remained the same for many years since the DARE and subsequent School Resource Officer program. The increase is to help balance the cost of the service provided to Yelm Community Schools.”

Mayor Pro tem Bob Isom said at the August 12 Council session that for the time first since since 1992, he is voting in support of the SRO. What took him so long and why his change of heart?

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