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LD 2 Candidate Steve Nielson wows Yelm!

Steven Nielson, Candidate,
State Rep. LD 2, Pos. 2

Making inroads to defeat Rep. J. T. Wilcox

Legislative District 2 (which encompasses SE Thurston County) candidate Steven Nielson came to Yelm for an open forum on Friday, July 25 at The Triad Theater, joined by with a robust and interested audience. He is running on the Libertarian ticket against incumbent JT Wilcox. This is a very powerful excerpt of his presentation the interview.
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Click here for the complete presentation.

Click here for the website of Steven Nielson, for LD 2.

Editor’s Note:
I have always supported the candidate that dovetails most with my views, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian.

Read Steven Nielson’s statement: “How do Libertarians Fit into a Two-Party System?”
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Nielson has written a very comprehensive response on the state’s transportation funding issues:

Libertarian Quality Engineering Analysis of WSDOT Future

At the recent SR167 Candidate Forum there were clear lines in the sand regarding concession, deals, gas taxes, and party line talking points. The forum began with a partisan attack of Republicans in the Senate by the moderators, followed by Republican rebuttals of Democrats stalling in the House. Political chaos ensued, and in the mix of it all was a Libertarian with facts and figures aimed at addressing what neither major party wanted to touch, the true root cause of the problem: Accountability and Reform in WSDOT Contracts. There is no doubt in the mind of this Libertarian that SR167 must be completed, but doing so without a gas tax increase is no Libertarian Utopia, it is responsible government.

Steven Nielson, a professional Quality Engineer and degreed Rocket Scientist, was the only candidate present who addressed the root cause of why this package, even if passed through the legislature, would fail a vote of the taxpayers.
It wasnt simply that the state would be asking for a self-imposed tax, rather a loose regulation in WSDOT contracts that lead to significant waste in WSDOT projects. Nielson proposed privatizing the entire SR167 corridor as a full-speed-ahead Libertarian solution if only, as he stated, because the state government clearly has no idea how to manage the roads in this state. From contract formulae to project completion the negligence, incompetence, and mismanagement is wasteful and the taxpayers see this on a daily basis. We have candidates willing to fix this problem.”

If youd like more information about this topic or candidate, or to schedule an interview with Mr. Nielson, please … e-mail the Nielson Campaign at steven.m.nielson@gmail.com
Click here to read more from LD 2 candidate Nielson on this issue.

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