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Clearwood Community handling 2 major issues

Proposed AT&T cell tower site is on the hill adjacent two water tanks on lower-right
Photo credit: Google Earth

– From the Petition against Clearwood area Cell Tower:
A proposed AT&T Cell Tower would be located on Weyerhaeuser property next to the Clearwood Community on Bald Hill Road, which is just south of Yelm.

From those against the cell tower –
The proposed Cell Tower would:
1) Decrease Property Values
2) Have a detrimental effect on the Wildlife in the area – birds, animals and bees are all affected.
3) Have a significant effect on Human Health for anyone living near the cell tower.
It is documented that the most susceptible populations are fetuses/pregnant women, children and
the elderly, with impacts extending to the 3rd generation and beyond – including:
* DNA damage
* Brain and other Cancers
* Childhood Leukemia and Impaired Immune Systems
* Decreased Memory and Attention in school children.
Bottom line:
Many Clearwood property owners, residents and Bald Hills neighbors say the issue to protect the wetlands, the migratory birds and protected/endangered specie,s as well as the residents in the area. The Bald Hills area enjoys a rich diversity of wildlife and to place a cell tower in the middle of it would destroy the character of the neighborhood.”
Click here to sign the Petition.

Click here for the website.
Click here for the Facebook page.

– Clearwood Board voter fraud alleged
Several property owners in the Clearwood Community are running a campaign to bring in Professional Management, alleging voter fraud by their Board in not following State Law, the Community’s Covenants, and their own Member Resolutions.
Bottom line:
Many Clearwood property owners, residents “say that bringing in a Professional Mgt Co would do much to end the divisiveness in Clearwood, as well as protecting community assets. The days of haphazard managing styles, and selective enforcement of CC&Rs by inexperienced, volunteers are over.”
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Click here for their Petition.

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