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The Case for LD 2 candidate Steven Nielson

Steven Nielson, Candidate,
State Rep. LD 2, Pos. 2

Making inroads to defeat Rep. J. T. Wilcox

Editor’s note:
I find newspapers most disingenuous to their readers when they do not perform a proper “due diligence,” as in the case of The Olympian this week, because LD 2 candidate Steven Nielson said his “campaign was never contacted for comment or question prior to the editorial boards decision to print the August 27th article.”
Further, The Olympian story says Wilcox is from McKenna, where in his previous terms he said he was from Yelm, though actually never residing in Yelm, rather in rural Pierce County.
Wilcox’s stated residency is even on “shifting sands,” so how is he in the state legislature? hmmm.

Press Release
Nielson Recommends a Second Look at 2nd Legislative District Race

“In response to an editorial of The Olympian released on August 27th, titled Wilcox has earned re-election in 2nd District, Libertarian Candidate Steven Nielson was dismissed as being an unserious candidate in the race, inferred by low primary results as well as an inability to meet with the editorial board of The Olympian in a timeslot interfering with Nielsons regular job. Nielson, a 35 year old Quality Engineering Management Supervisor, is not a full-time politician and balances work, family, commute, and community service with his campaign activities, all of which he takes very seriously. After reviewing the article and conferring with his campaign team, Nielson strongly urges the Olympian to take a harder second look at his campaign, aimed at vertical politics, creativity, and a government that inspires instead of punishes.

Nielson is a serious candidate with innovative solutions to the perennial problems perpetuating from the capital, especially transportation. He believes that under current funding and private incentive major roadway projects can commence more quickly, resolve more timely, and result in a lower tax burden to the citizens of the state. Nielson, in a recent candidate forum on SR-167 completion, was the only candidate providing innovative solutions that actually work. All other candidates from the two major parties mutually agreed on immediate gas tax increases or a social engineering project to convince voters, first, that they want or need a gas tax; comparatively not an innovative or effective solution.

Nielson has a plan to stimulate all sectors of the economy, from small business to construction. There is a multilayer plan of property tax-holidays for home-buyers in the state, B&O tax relief, and a creative solution to carbon-emissions that inspires the community to action rather than the partisan drum-beating of carbon-tax (Democrats) or nothing at all (Republicans). His proposal would create an X-Prize style reward for regional energy independence, funded by the state and private ventures. He believes that government should inspire greatness, not punish behaviors.

On education, Nielson is an advocate for whole-student curriculum (funding of the arts and music), and supports competitive pay increases for educators. The catch, he says, is that the administrative structure is truly the problem and the people of the state of Washington need the courage to step beyond the partisan talking points and solve the real problems so our teachers can get paid and our students can perform better on a global stage. Nielson advocates competitive curriculum and competitive pay, two main components that would fundamentally improve the ability of the education system to inspire innovative education solutions, allowing teachers to own and evolve their career field.

Nielson, a professional innovator and problem solver, has a knack for targeting the root of problems and providing solutions with measures of effectiveness. He is educated, creative, and active. His run represents a break from a two-party system dating back to the civil war. He says that as soon as we refuse to accept the partisan problems we stand a hope of realizing solutions that benefit the people, not the parties.

‘So long as the voters agree that the path we are on in Olympia, attempting to solve the same old problems in the same old way with the same old outcomes, then I agree with the recommendation of the article. Re-elect JT Wilcox,’ Nielson said. ‘If the voters want more than party loyalty, choosing instead to demand accountability and reform, and want effective solutions that inspire greatness in our state, please elect an innovator to the State House. Elect Steven Nielson.’

Nielson reminds the editorial board and his followers that his campaign was never contacted for comment or question prior to the editorial boards decision to print the August 27th article.

More about Steven Nielson for State Representative can be found at www.stevennielson.com.

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