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Court denies Coverdale’s ‘Stay of Enforcement’

From the Nisqually Valley News:
“Court Denies Motion to Dismiss Coverdales Appeal, Denies Stay of Enforcement”

“Division Two of the Washington State Court of Appeals dismissed JZK, Inc.s motion to dismiss Virginia Coverdales appeal of a court ruling last year.

The court granted the companys motion to strike some of Coverdales court filings because ‘they append and refer to matters outside the record on appeal,’ according to the court order. Coverdale has 20 days to file an amended brief omitting the stricken material.

Coverdale lost a lawsuit against her in Thurston County Superior Court last June. Judge Gary Tabor ordered Coverdale to pay JZK, Inc. more than $600,000 in court costs and attorneys fees last July.

The state Supreme Court granted a temporary stay of enforcement while it decided whether or not to hear Coverdales appeal by direct review. The Supreme Court sent her case to the Court of Appeals, which denied her motion to keep the stay of enforcement in place.”

Editor’s Note:
While the Nisqually Valley News mentioned in their story’s title that Division Two of the Washington State Court of Appeals “Denies Stay of Enforcement,” they did not explain in the story the significance of this ruling. This means that Coverdale owes the Thurston County Superior court-ordered sum of $600,021, which breaks down as $515,000 in attorneys fees and $85,021 in costs.

Coverdale told the Nisqually Valley News in July 2013 this will be overturned on appeal, however the Appeals Court has denied her stay of enforcement, meaning Coverdale’s debt is again enforceable, so she owes the sum plus interest, which is accumulating, unless there is any future ruling otherwise.

Yelm Community Blogger Steve Klein has been employed by JZK, Inc. since October 2003.

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