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Press Release from Steven Nielson

Nielson earns three months to prove Libertarian viability for State House

Libertarian Candidate, Steven Nielson, celebrated a primary election victory on Tuesday night. Finishing the night with 20% of the votes in the district, Nielson considers the results stellar for a third party candidate in a contested primary race.

The momentum for our campaign came in late in this cycle but it is clear that our message is resonating with voters. The unfortunate aspect of Tuesdays numbers was that 80% of the ballots were never voted or they have not yet been received. Tuesdays results are roughly 8000 votes fewer than the 2012 primary election indicating a significant number of ballots in transit or a significantly low voter turnout. Nielson believes that the key to victory is to reach the 80% voting block who are simply not engaging the political system. “Can we overcome a 50 point deficit? With 60,000 voters failing to engage I beleive the primary was little more than a poll of activists. We can still get out the vote and win for a freer and more responsible Washington State.”

Nielson has already had an impact on races throughout the state, leading the charge for accountability and reform over an increased gas tax to cover transportation improvements. Libertarian and small government Republican campaigns have adopted his stance, and the Nielson Campaign indicated that they intend to use this message to motivate voter turn-out. The need for reform and accountability with our tax dollar is key to fixing the root cause of the state budget problem. What we continue to get out of Olympia are fees, fines, and tax increases. We will personally challenge any tax increase without effective reform in contract awards, transparent accountability and audit of taxpayer funded programs. The government has an obligation to minimize impact on families while providing maximum return on investment, an obligation it is currently failing to meet.

Libertarian Nielson joined JT Wilcox, Republican incumbent, in defeating Democrat Marijuana Party candidate Rick Payne in Tuesdays primary. Nielson and Wilcox will advance to the general election where Nielson welcomes the David versus Goliath analogy, That scenario worked out well for David. God and Country willing we will see the same results for our campaign!
More about Steven Nielson for State Representative can be found at www.stevennielson.com

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