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Meet Pizzeria La Gitana’s inspiring new owners:
Marian & Luminita (Lumi) Licxandru

Photo courtesy: Pizzeria La Gitana, Yelm

Noticed all of the changes to Yelm’s Pizzeria La Gitana?
Those were inspired by new owner, Mr. Marian Licxandru (pronounced: Le-shan-dru) who the Yelm Community Blog recently interviewed in his restaurant.
He is joined in this endeavor by his wife and his wife Elena Luminita (Lumi).
This is a summary of Marian’s vision:

– I am from a culture where a restaurant is an experience.
People come in, have dinner, enjoy cozy ambiance and step out of time for a while. Music, drinks, amazing food, and GREAT service are all taking you in this “out of time” place.

– I am from a culture (Romania) where eating at a restaurant was more necessity and habit.
In Romania, the ‘look’ of a restaurant and the service provided had less impact on patrons than the quality of the food. Yet in the USA, this is the one country where the whole concept of customer service came into existence, and for some undiscovered reason in the small restaurant industry here, this concept has not been universally applied.

– My vision for this restaurant is to combine the 2 cultures.
I am driven by the following passion to offer our customers:
* in Yelm and the surrounding area the best dine in experience,
* outstanding service,
* beautiful European atmosphere not obtained elsewhere locally,
* high quality food (we use only organic, fresh produce purchased locally to support our community, ham from humanly raised animals with no nitrates, Blue Cheese from France, artichokes from Peru, green olives and olive oil from Spain, balsamic vinegar, Parmesan Cheese, Prosciutto ham, kalamata olives, and flour from Italy.)
* all homemade desserts – our Tiramisu is a top-seller, made from a secret recipe.

– Pizzeria La Gitana is a fine European Emporium right here in the middle of Yelm.
I also have experienced fine dining restaurants in America and Europe, helping me create our unique service, a touch where our clients are the central focus of our attention and that when they leave our restaurant, their day and their life are better because of us – service, ambiance and a fine European meal.
We have already accomplished alot by surrounding our patio with a living green fence, pillow cushions on the chairs, outdoor string lights, installation of pendant lights, and candles burning on the tables, with more ideas in the works.

– Our new, coming enhancements include:
* a wall-mounted fireplace to accent the ambiance,
* adding Yelm’s best pastas with top-of-the-line ingredients and real Italian recipes,
* soon to open mornings in the style of a European Coffee House, utiizing a French Coffee press.

We want to give back to the community because I believe that the whole reason behind ‘having’ is so you have something to give.

309 East Yelm Avenue
Yelm, WA 98597
Phone: (360) 400-2929


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