September 24, 2014

Meet Pizzeria La Gitana’s inspiring new owners:
Marian & Luminita (Lumi) Licxandru

Photo courtesy: Pizzeria La Gitana, Yelm

Noticed all of the changes to Yelm’s Pizzeria La Gitana?
Those were inspired by new owner, Mr. Marian Licxandru (pronounced: Le-shan-dru) who the Yelm Community Blog recently interviewed in his restaurant.
He is joined in this endeavor by his wife and his wife Elena Luminita (Lumi).
This is a summary of Marian’s vision:

– I am from a culture where a restaurant is an experience.
People come in, have dinner, enjoy cozy ambiance and step out of time for a while. Music, drinks, amazing food, and GREAT service are all taking you in this “out of time” place.

– I am from a culture (Romania) where eating at a restaurant was more necessity and habit.
In Romania, the ‘look’ of a restaurant and the service provided had less impact on patrons than the quality of the food. Yet in the USA, this is the one country where the whole concept of customer service came into existence, and for some undiscovered reason in the small restaurant industry here, this concept has not been universally applied.

– My vision for this restaurant is to combine the 2 cultures.
I am driven by the following passion to offer our customers:
* in Yelm and the surrounding area the best dine in experience,
* outstanding service,
* beautiful European atmosphere not obtained elsewhere locally,
* high quality food (we use only organic, fresh produce purchased locally to support our community, ham from humanly raised animals with no nitrates, Blue Cheese from France, artichokes from Peru, green olives and olive oil from Spain, balsamic vinegar, Parmesan Cheese, Prosciutto ham, kalamata olives, and flour from Italy.)
* all homemade desserts – our Tiramisu is a top-seller, made from a secret recipe.

– Pizzeria La Gitana is a fine European Emporium right here in the middle of Yelm.
I also have experienced fine dining restaurants in America and Europe, helping me create our unique service, a touch where our clients are the central focus of our attention and that when they leave our restaurant, their day and their life are better because of us – service, ambiance and a fine European meal.
We have already accomplished alot by surrounding our patio with a living green fence, pillow cushions on the chairs, outdoor string lights, installation of pendant lights, and candles burning on the tables, with more ideas in the works.

– Our new, coming enhancements include:
* a wall-mounted fireplace to accent the ambiance,
* adding Yelm’s best pastas with top-of-the-line ingredients and real Italian recipes,
* soon to open mornings in the style of a European Coffee House, utiizing a French Coffee press.

We want to give back to the community because I believe that the whole reason behind ‘having’ is so you have something to give.

309 East Yelm Avenue
Yelm, WA 98597
Phone: (360) 400-2929


September 23, 2014

TNT: “Replica Japanese palace near Yelm”

“Replica Japanese palace near Yelm might need a buyer as unique as its creator”

By Larry LaRue in the Tacoma News Tribune:
“The home on the hill near Yelm is unlike anything else in the region. The same could be said for its creator, Christian Schlaepfer.

‘You look at the house, its unique,’ said Ellen Dorfman, who owns the property today and has it on the market. ‘Christian was eccentric.’

‘Christian built a replica of the Katsura Palace.’
Read more

September 23, 2014

Today is National Voter Registration Day

September 23, 2014 is National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day (NVRD), September 23, 2014 is a huge national effort to get as many people to register to vote as possible. The goal is not to advocate on behalf of a candidate or party, but to make sure that people register and vote. Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall reminds voters, Democracy depends on your participation. Your vote is your voice.

Do you or someone you know need to update an existing registration or register for the first time?
The Thurston County Auditors Office is urging all residents to help get the word out and to take action. Visit to update or register today or in person at the Thurston County Auditors Office, 2000 Lakeridge Dr SW, Olympia.

Special activities include:
* Governor Jay Inslee and Secretary of State Kim Wyman will be sending out a joint email urging all state employees to update their address or register to vote in Washington State to help foster National Voter Registration Day.

* All of the Timberland Libraries in Thurston County will have NVRD posters, stickers and voter registration forms at their locations.

* Thurston County, the Public Utility District, the Cities of Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Tenino, and Yelm are participating by either displaying their own fliers, an NVRD poster, or sending an email to their staff about National Voter Registration Day.

* Yelm Cinemas is displaying a voter registration advertisement before each movie through October 11, 2014.

* On September 23, the Thurston County Auditor will have staff at the Olympia InterCity Transit Office from 3 pm 6 pm and The Evergreen State College from 9 am – 1 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact the Thurston County Auditors Office, Elections Division at (360) 786-5408,” quoting the Thurston Democrats.
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September 22, 2014

Autumnal Equinox – Fall begins in Yelm today

Yelm, Stevens St, Oct. 11, 2012
Photo credit: Yelm Community Blog

Monday, September 22, 7:29 P.M. PDT in Yelm, Fall officially begins.
Read more from The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

September 22, 2014

End of summer weather statistics of note

“As good as it was, though, it was not a record-setting summer in the Olympia area, according to Josh Smith at the National Weather Service.

But it was darn close.

Here are some weather statistics for the June 21 to Sept. 20 period:

There was 2.39 inches of rain recorded in the Olympia area, which sounds pretty dry but a scant 0.97 inch fell during the same period in 2006.

It was warm, but the average maximum temperature was 79.5 degrees, making it the third-highest on record. The highest average maximum temperature was set in the summer of 1967 at 81.2 degrees, followed by 79.7 degrees in 1958.

Average overnight lows for the period made it the sixth-warmest on record at 50.7 degrees. The warmest average overnight low was set in the summer of 2013 at 52.7 degrees,” by Rolf Boone ion The Olympian.
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September 21, 2014

“Prescription Painkiller Deaths Fall in Medical Marijuana States”

Courtesy of Colorado’s Regulating Marijuana Works!

“A new study found that deaths from opioid overdoses have fallen sharply in the 23 US states where medical marijuana is now legal. Coincidence? Not likely.

For those with chronic pain, medical marijuana can be life changing, allowing a safer, natural form of treatment than the conventionally recommended pain-relieving drugs called opioids.

There is a wealth of research linking marijuana with pain relief. In one study, just three puffs of marijuana a day for five days helped those with chronic nerve pain to relieve pain and sleep better.1

Meanwhile, deaths from prescription opioid overdoses are skyrocketing with little sign of stopping except in areas where people in pain have access to marijuana instead,” by Dr. Mercola. Read more

September 20, 2014

Commissioner Romero’s Coffee Mon., Sept. 22 –

Sandra Romero

Please join Thurston County Commissioner Sandra Romero, as she hosts her monthly informal coffee hours in Rainier and Yelm on Monday, September 22nd.

On Monday, September 22, join Commissioner Romero and her guest, WSU Extension Thurston County Master Gardener Program Manager Cori Carlton, for coffee, and learn about this unique program, Cultivating Plants, People, and Communities.

Cori Carlton has served as the WSU Master Gardener & Master Recycler Composter Program Coordinator in Thurston County since 2009.

There is a lot happening in Thurston County and we want to hear from you!
Once a month, Commissioner Romero meets with community members for informal coffee chats. These meetings give you the opportunity to talk about issues of concern, ask her questions about the county, and share ideas. Commissioner Romero provides participants’ coffee. She is the representative of District 2, which includes Yelm, Lacey, and Rainier.

Citizen meeting with 2nd district County Commissioner Sandra Romero

Monday, July 21, 2014

– Rainier: 9:30am 10:30am at Rainier City Hall, 102 Rochester St W

– Yelm: 11:00am Noon Tacos Gaby, 307 Yelm Ave SE
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September 19, 2014

JZ Knight’s dynamic interview by Whitley Strieber

JZ Knight
Copyright 2014 JZ Knight.
Used with permission.

From Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country:
“Whitley Strieber interviews the legendary JZ Knight, channeler of Ramtha, for the first time. Instead of the usual interview where the interviewer gets caught up in the validity of the channel, Whitley, who understands what channeling is and why it works, lets JZ really open up and tell us about the inner truth of creating one’s own reality, and how it is something that can be learned.

“You will probably never have heard JZ on the radio sounding quite like this, when she is being interviewed by somebody with long experience of the numinous world and respect for her own forty years of experience.”

“Anne Strieber begins the exchange by telling JZ about how her brain tumor has shut down her left brain, but given her creative right brain new freedom. JZ responds with insights into the life significance and potential of what has happened to Anne, and re-envisions it as a blessing rather than a curse.”

“Later, Whitley brings up the fact that the Ramtha School regularly has lottery winners, and JZ explains why this is so. Then they go on into an intimate discussion of JZ’s early encounters with Ramtha, and how the use of pyramid powerand the presence of joyfacilitated their first meeting.

JZ opens her heart and mind because she doesn’t have to defend herself. Great listening!”
Listern here

Yelm Community Blogger Steve Klein has been employed Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment since October 2003 and a student of Ramtha’s since February 1986.

September 19, 2014

“Alaska Airlines begins relief flights in Mexico”

Passengers board one of several Alaska Airlines relief flights from Los Cabos
Photo Courtesy: Alaska Airlines, used with permission

From Seattle’s hometown-based Alaska Airlines:
The airport [Los Cabos International Airport] remains closed to commercial air service, but local authorities have authorized outgoing humanitarian relief flights [Alaska Airlines began humanitarian evacuation flights last Wednesday]. Customers waiting at the airport are being boarded on those flights on a first come, first serve basis.

All flights passenger flights to Los Cabos have been canceled. The [inbound] flights to Los Cabos will be loaded with water, food and supplies.

The following flights are planned for Friday:

Flight 201: Los Cabos to San Jose
Flight 233: Los Cabos to San Diego
Flight 235: Los Cabos to San Francisco
Flight 251: Los Cabos to Los Angeles
Flight 279: Los Cabos to Los Angeles.

Read more from the Alaska Airlines Blog.

September 18, 2014

Bald Hills proposed cell tower location deemed too steep

ATT Bald Hills cell tower balloon test
July 16, 2014

From the Bald Hills Free Group:
The Bald Hills Free Group has advised that Cascadia PM (representing AT&T) has decided not to go ahead with the proposed cell tower on Weyerhaeuser parcel #23505000000.

This was confirmed by Linda Doucette, Board President of Clearwood Community and Noah Grodzin of Cascadia PM (representing AT&T).

The topography of the land (too steep) has been cited as reason for stopping the project. So far, no application permit has been submitted . However, we remain vigilant of any changes in this process. If you would like to understand better where this decision might come from visit our website:
Click here.

We want to thank you all for your participation (donations, signatures, ideas, media exposure). We will keep on working to educate the public about the possible side effects this proliferation of cell towers can have on the environment and what this means for animals and humans alike.

Click here
to see Chris Nubbe’s letter to Thurston County Development Services .


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