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“Struggling to Gauge ISIS Threat, Even as U.S. Prepares to Act”

Editor’s note:
The war drums beat yet again for US intervention – and by whom? The Saudi’s?!
That should raise more than enough eyebrows in this country.
These are all old oil fellows in cahoots with each other for another US-led incursion -just watch, none of their countrymen will be involved.

– “Struggling to Gauge ISIS Threat, Even as U.S. Prepares to Act”
By Mark Mazzetti, Eric Schmitt and Mark Landlers, The New York Times.
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– “Wil Wheaton: Republicans trying to scare Americans about ISIS to sway election”
Yes, that Wil Wheaton from Star Trek NG and his notable film roles.
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– “ISIS war needs to be debated in Congress and the UN Security Council”
By Mark Weisbrot, The Hill.
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– “The Islamic State threat is overstated”
By Ramzy Mardini, Washington Post.
Ramzy Mardini is a nonresident fellow at the Atlantic Councils Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East.
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– “The Geopolitics of World War III”
From SCG News.
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