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“How smart meters invade privacy”

Smart meters
Photo credit: Conscious Life News

“SkyVision Solutions released an updated report entitled, A Perspective on How Smart Meters Invade Individual Privacy.

The original report was issued in March of this year and has now been updated with new information regarding investor owned utilities (IOUs) as well as addressing a White House report concerning big data published in May 2014.”

“The 75-page report is perhaps the most comprehensive document of its kind on the topic of smart meter privacy invasions. Through a step-by-step logical approach, it is demonstrated that the collection of incremental energy-related data for residential electric customers using smart meters represents an unreasonable invasion of privacy and, for applicable jurisdictions, constitutes an unreasonable search in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Based upon the information presented in the updated privacy document, it is established that utilities expose consumers to unnecessary risks by collecting massive amounts of smart meter-related data not necessary for billing purposes simply because they can and do so without regard to consumer privacy and security interests,” quoting Conscious Life News.
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