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Carbon plan costs jobs – we must think differently –
DiCaprio shows how clean erengy creates jobs

– Carbon plan: NFIB sees 11,000 jobs lost
“A study released today [October 15] predicted a loss of more than 11,000 jobs in a five-year period should Gov. Jay Inslees plan to impose lower carbon fuel standards be adopted in the state.

In addition to lost livelihoods, the study funded by National Federation of Independent Business minced no words in calling the governors LCFS (Lower Carbon Fuel Standards) what it believes it actually is: a tax on gasoline.

The study, Private Sector Disemployment Effects of a New Low Carbon Fuel Standard in Washington State, was done by NFIBs Research Foundation using the most sophisticated economic modeling (REMI PI+) to draw its conclusions,” quoting the Pierce County Business Examiner.
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– “Leonardo DiCaprio urges transition to clean energy in latest short film”
“‘The scientific community has spoken’ and so has Leonardo DiCaprio, again, in the latest short documentary film about climate change narrated by the eco-conscious actor.

‘Green World Rising’ takes a look at how ‘renewable energy can provide a solid foundation for a thriving, sustainable modern world,’ according to a news release from Tree Media, the production company behind the film series.

Previous installments released earlier this year and also narrated by DiCaprio include ‘Last Hours’ and ‘Carbon,’ quoting Ken Schlosser, TODAY on NBC.
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