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Public comment accepted through November 30 on Electromagnetic Warfare training (EW) in Oly Peninsula

EA 18G Growler: Shadowhawks of Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 141.
Photo: Mass Comm. Specialist 3rd Class Bradley J. Gee, US Navy

– “Navy Plans Electromagnetic War Games Over National Park and Forest in Washington State”

“What is at stake is not just whether the military is allowed to use protected public lands in the Pacific Northwest for its war games, but a precedent being set for them to do so across the entire country.”

“These protected national commons [Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest] are also the areas in and near where the US Navy aims to conduct its Northwest Electromagnetic Radiation Warfare training program, wherein it will fly 36 of its EA-18G “Growler” supersonic jet warplanes down to 1,200 feet above the ground in some areas in order to conduct war games with 14 mobile towers. Enough electromagnetic radiation will be emitted so as to be capable of melting human eye tissue, and causing breast cancer, childhood leukemia and damage to human fetuses, let alone impacting wildlife in the area.

If it gets its way, this means the Navy would be flying Growler jets, which are electronic attack aircraft that specialize in radar jamming, in 2,900 training exercises over wilderness, communities and cities across the Olympic Peninsula for 260 days per year, with exercises lasting up to 16 hours per day,” quoting Dahr Jamail, Truthout.
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– “Petitioning the U. S. Navy”
“DO NOT put ANY camper-sized trucks with electromagnetic radiation equipment to conduct war exercises with military aircraft from 15 sites in Clallam, Jefferson and Grays Harbor counties.”

“The Navy wants to allow three camper-sized trucks with electromagnetic radiation equipment to conduct war exercises with military aircraft from 15 sites in Clallam, Jefferson and Grays Harbor counties.
The locations 12 in Olympic National Forest and three on state Department of Natural Resources land would be part of the Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range and would involve aircraft from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island,” quoting Change.org.
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Written public comments are accepted through November 30 and should be submitted to Greg Wahl, a Forest Service environmental coordinator, at 1835 Black Lake Blvd. S.W., Olympia, WA 98512.
Questions or comments about the project should be directed to Wahl at gtwahl@fs.fed.us or 360-956-2375.

– UPDATE: December 3, 2014
Coast to Coast AM with George Noory hosted an interview with analyst Craig Hulet, who “talked about electromagnetic warfare systems and the dangers of such weaponry.”

“The story first came to Hulet’s attention when he learned of a Navy plan to set up a range in the Pacific Northwest which would allegedly test counteractive measures against ground-based electromagnetic weaponry that might be used to disrupt American fighter jets. Further investigation by Hulet revealed similar Naval training is already being done in at least seventeen states throughout America. Despite their attempts to portray the program as akin to radar, he stressed that “make no mistake, these are weapons” and that agitation of aircraft is one of the least potent uses for such technology.

Although this weaponry is considered ‘non-lethal,’ Hulet cautioned that it “has the ability to do unbelievable damage to human beings.” Should electromagnetic weapons be turned on people, he said, they can induce dizziness, nausea, and unconsciousness as well as “fry the water under your skin without burning you, until you are screaming in pain.”
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– UPDATE: December 15, 2014
“Documents Show Navy’s Electromagnetic Warfare Training Would Harm Humans and Wildlife”
By Dahr Jamail, Truthout.
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