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Drilling deeper into Yelm’s aquifer may be dangerous

City of Yelm’s 750′ well drilled at end of Tahoma Blvd.
Photo copyright 2010, Yelm Community Blog
Photo taken with zoom lens June 21, 2010.

– Is Yelm’s groundwater being depleted?
Is drilling so deep (750′) into the aquifer to more-than-double Yelm’s water rights so the city can approve increased building permits wise? See the CBS News report from last Sunday below.
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– “Depleting the water”
“Lesley Stahl reports on disturbing new evidence that our planet’s groundwater is being pumped out much faster than it can be replenished”

“It’s been said that the wars of the 21st century may well be fought over water. The Earth’s population has more than doubled over the last 50 years and the demand for fresh water — to drink and to grow food — has surged along with it. But sources of water like rainfall, rivers, streams, reservoirs, certainly haven’t doubled. So where is all that extra water coming from? More and more, it’s being pumped out of the ground.

Water experts say groundwater is like a savings account — something you draw on in times of need. But savings accounts need to be replenished, and there is new evidence that so much water is being taken out, much of the world is in danger of a groundwater overdraft.
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