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Mounting electronic waste & what we can do

“Mounting Electronic Waste Poses Major Threat to Environment, Health”
“In 2012, the world amassed almost 49 million metric tons of e-waste, including everything from last generation cellphones and laptops to televisions and washing machines. The largest contributor, the United States, supplied nearly 66 pounds of e-waste per person that year. And the trend is only growing. One study, conducted by a United Nations partner organization, projects that this number will rise to 65.4 million metric tons by 2017. As the amount of e-waste dramatically increases, solutions for proper disposal have lagged considerably behind.”

“But a great deal of e-waste ultimately winds up in landfills, meaning the toxic materials they contain, such as lead, arsenic, beryllium and mercury, often end up leaking into the environment, poisoning ecosystems and harming not only humans but animals and plants too. Improper disposal also poses a risk to data security as any information that has not been wiped from a device can usually be extracted with ease.

E-waste recyclers can be seen to be a responsible response to this problem,” quoting Lauren Walker, NEWSWEEK.
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From Thurston County Solid Waste:
Manufacturers are now required by state law to offer recycling services for certain electronic items at no cost to residents, nonprofits, small businesses, schools and local governments. The law took effect January 1, 2009 and applies to the following items only:

Desktop computers
Laptop computers
E-book readers (such as The Kindle and the Nook)
Portable DVD players

The state Department of Ecology is coordinating and enforcing the law through the E-CYCLE Washington program.

Take your local items here:
Goodwill Yelm Retail Store
906 East Yelm Avenue in Yelm
(360) 400-2400
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