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Yelm Co-op’s Gift of Gobble 2014 achievements

Gift of Gobble helpers
Photo courtesy: Yelm Food Co-op

From the Yelm Food Cooperative:
“This Thanksgiving, the Yelm Food Cooperatives annual Gift of Gobble project exceeded all expectations, both in the number of families reached and the amount of money raised. It was a quantum leap this year, says Outreach Coordinator Andrea Levanti. Co-op volunteers raised over $7,000 and provided meals for 128 families – three more than their original goal of 125.

The project has evolved greatly since its inception in 2010 and every year is able to make a greater impact in the community.”

“In the flood of thank you letters and emails that followed this years project, one stood out. It came from a man who had frequently volunteered with homeless shelters himself.

‘This year, it was my turn to receive,’ he said. ‘I was stunned as I am not usually on that end; yet this year with no income per se, no food stamps either, I became the recipient of a meal donated by the Yelm Food Co-op. What I observed in a short moment of waiting for the gift, was a group of busy, caring, generous people thoughtfully and tastefully putting together a meal fit for royalty . . . like a wave in the ocean of social reality and consciousness, what is given forth will surely return to the giver. Your giving spirit shall see its wondrous return. Bravo to the community spirit! Thank you volunteers and members of the Yelm Food Co-op.’
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