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“Warning: Is Your Pastor a False Teacher?”

By Pastor Sylvia Peterson from her Nisqually Valley News column, Fri., Jan. 23:

“There is a pastor within my professional circle who causes me concern. When I hear him speak or read something he has written, the what doesnt fit the how.

Pastor Fred knows the Bible. He can check all the right boxes on a Christianity quiz. His doctrine (what he believes) sounds solid. So what is it about Pastor Fred that doesnt feel right?

Can someone be in church leadership for decades and be a false teacher?”

Is there a consistent discrepancy between teaching and doing? Does your leader preach peace and live conflict? Do they talk about joy but exhibit negativity? Write about kindness, gentleness and mercy, yet lead from an unapproachable position of authority?

Because false teachers see themselves through their own reflection, they rarely see their teaching as false. Thats why those who are called to lead need periodic evaluation. Its how we mature

So if you cower at the thought of talking to your pastor about these indicators, cut out this column and mail it to him or her. The Holy Spirit will take it from there.”

Sylvia Peterson is co-pastor for Bald Hill Community Church.
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Editor’s Note:

BRAVO to Pastor Peterson for this simple and courageous story.
She is bang-on.
While we do not know for sure to whom she is referencing, Pastor Jeff Adams of Paramount Christian Church in Yelm would be the key individual that qualifies here.

Adams’ previous “Religious Columns” in the Nisqually Valley News were so condemning and derogatory against JZ Knight, RSE students and their families, that he had to cease such vile comments or his column was no longer to be considered “religious” nor “spiritual.”

While Adams ceased mention of JZ Knight and RSE in his newspaper column, the “fine” Pastor Adams has taken to social media to continue his diatribe against a segment of Yelm’s residents.

I commend Pastor Sylvia for bringing this matter to the community’s attention. Pastor Adams’ divisiveness in the name of Christian teachings should have no place here!

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