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“No more asset seizure:
Eric Holder bans controversial war on drugs tactic”

Attorney General Eric Holder (Screen shot)

“State and local police in the United States will no longer be able to use federal laws to justify seizing property without evidence of a crime, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Friday [Jan. 16].

The practice of local police taking property, including cash and cars, from people that they stop, and of handing it over to federal authorities, became common during the countrys war on drugs in the 1980s.

Holder cited safeguarding civil liberties as a reason for the change in policy.

“The order directs federal agencies who have collected property during such seizures to withdraw their participation, except if the items collected could endanger the public, as in the case of firearms,” quoting Reuters.
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Editor’s note:

Finally an Attorney General having the backbone to uphold the law and the U.S. Constitution!
He and President Obama have recently demonstrated usual moxie- perhaps being lame-ducks help?

Now, since the Yelm couple highlighted in numerous 2014 Nisqually Valley News stories has not yet been convicted of a crime in their home county of Romania, how can there be evidence of money laundering if they have not been convicted yet of having received tainted/ill gotten money there?
Did the federal government overreach in confiscating, foreclosing and using forfeiture as a condition to seize their property?
If so, “The order directs federal agencies who have collected property during such seizures to withdraw their participation.”
Stay tuned!

– UPDATE: January 20, 2015
“Fed Asset Seizures Rollback Less Than Advertised”
From The Ron Paul Institute
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– UPDATE: January 22, 2015
“Despite Holder’s Forfeiture Reform, Cops Still Have A License To Steal”
By Jacob Sullum, Contributor, Forbes.
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– UPDATE: January 28, 2015

“Rand Paul Introduces The Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration Act”
“Sen. Rand Paul yesterday reintroduced S. 255, the FAIR (Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration) Act. This legislation would protect the rights of property owners and restore the Fifth Amendments role in property proceedings. Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) is the lead sponsor of the FAIR Act in the House of Representatives.”
Read more from Liberty Crier.

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