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WA Rep. Matt Shea speaks out on police militarization

– “[WA] Rep Blows Militarized Police State Wide Open”
“Darrin McBreen sits down with Washington State Rep Matt Shea and breaks down the origins of the police state and what you can do to fight back against it,” quoting InfoWars from last month.
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– “Over 1,000 Just Gathered for the Largest Felony Civil Disobedience Rally in US History”
“Over the weekend [December 20, 2014] the largest felony civil disobedience rally ever held in American history took place. It is estimated that anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 well armed gun owners showed up to the state capital in Olympia to openly violate the unconstitutional gun law, i594.

The events organizer, who frequently appears on the Free Thought Project, made the extraordinary nature of the rally very clear,

This isnt just a protest. We are here to openly violate the law.

On his website Seim explains the ominous nature of the legislation:

On Nov 4th 2014 a piece of legislation called i594 passed in Washington State (read text ). It will make so much as handing a gun to a friend a felony. While this started here in Washington, it was funded by big out of State money and you are next,” quoting Liberty Crier.
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Editor’s note:
Yelm is so fortunate to have a police force that has not acquired any military surplus. Ours is still a friendly local police department, focused on deescalating any situation, rather than those police forces armed with military equipment that escalate many confrontations.

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