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Boston Globe notes the Seahawks power is in the mind

“The Seahawks brought in Dr. Michael Gervais three years ago to help players strengthen their mental fortitude and awareness.” Photo credit: Matt York/AP

– “For mindful Seahawks, a thriving nontraditional football culture”
“Rare are the occasions when a group of 200- to 350-pound individuals whose job descriptions involve physically crushing opponents can offer a veritable symposium on the benefits of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Welcome to the Seattle Seahawks grand experiment.”

“In a very short time in Seattle with the Seahawks, [Carroll has] created a fertile ground for people to explore their own best self, said Dr. Michael Gervais, a high-performance psychologist, in an interview for Mindful Magazine.

“But more broadly, hes at the forefront of Seattles culture of mindfulness, described somewhat loosely as a focus on the present in which a player is keenly aware of his surroundings and thoughts,” quoting Alex Speier, The Boston Globe.
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– “The power of Russell Wilsons mind may be the Seahawks biggest asset in Super Bowl 49”
“In every stadium hes ever played in, Russell Wilson finds a place.

That place could be a flag staff, a railing, a top of a section. It might be a tunnel in a seating bowl. Sunday at Super Bowl 49, it might be the windows beyond one end zone of University of Phoenix Stadium.

The Seahawks quarterback goes to the place throughout games amid the chaos of the fans roars and the in-stadium music blaring and defenders trying to rearrange his face mask to stay, as he puts it, grounded and reassured,” by Gregg Bell, Tacoma News Tribune.
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– “Pete Carroll didnt find his unique coaching way until after Patriots fired him 15 years ago”
“Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll laughs after New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick humorously defers a question to Carroll after the two coaches were asked how they deal with the emotions of a close game in the fourth quarter during a press conference Friday at the Phoenix Convention Center. Belichick replaced Carroll as the Patriots coach in 2000,” by Gregg Bell, Tacoma News Tribune.
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– “The Origins of the Iconic Seahawks Logo”
“How the Burke Museum tracked down the seed of the Seahawk at a Maine museum.”
By Seth Sommerfeld, Seattle Met magazine.
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