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Mayor’s Beautification Committee to meet soon

Mayor Ron Harding

Mayor Ron Harding told the Yelm Chamber of Commerce Forum luncheon last week that the first meeting of the Mayor’s new Beautification Committee is set soon. I asked the mayor about his group, to share with Yelm Committee Blog readers:

– Who is on the Committee?
“I do not have specific names with me plus I haven’t been able to contact all who originally applied so I would only have a partial list. I will get these names to you as soon as I have contacted those folks who are willing to participate.
I can tell you I have two to three people from the downtown business association, a couple from the chamber board, a couple of local business owners, a couple of residents and a couple of City staff.”

– How were they selected?
“This is an advisory committee to the Mayor. It has no authority other then (sic) to work on ideas to better our community. Similar to the chamber committee we served on together years ago. The difference is I am leading and organizing this effort to provide coordination with the city council.”

– How many positions are allotted?
“I had no specific number. I started by asking volunteers to fill out applications. I only received 4-5. I felt it needed to be a little larger committee so I started to ask individuals.
I think I have about 10 volunteers. I do not want the group to be too large but would not be opposed to a couple more people.”

– Are all the positions filled?
“No set amount but I would like to get a good workable group.”

– What is the criteria to be on the Committee?
“No criteria other than I wanted to find people who did not have specific projects that they wanted pushed forward. I am looking for folks who can brain storm from scratch because I felt like we need new creativity. I just want volunteers who will be open to all the ideas and work together to get the best results.
My plan is to keep our core group very high level and then bring in subject matter experts to provide insight into those areas.”

Thank you Mr, Harding for providing Yelm Community Blog readers information on questions they had.

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