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“Protecting Your Online Data After You’re Gone”

“The scoop on what happens to your Facebook posts, iPod collection and more”

“From banking and social media to email, iTunes and beyond, our lives are increasingly being lived and stored online. We upload family pictures to photo-sharing sites, download our favorite books into e-readers and share many of our stories on Facebook and Twitter. But what happens when we die? While probate courts have established procedures to distribute physical items, only a handful of states have laws governing the management and inheritance of online property. Unless you make specific plans for your digital afterlife, experts say, your “digital assets” stand a good chance of being mismanaged or of disappearing entirely.

‘People often don’t think about this,’ says Naomi Cahn, a law professor at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. ‘People don’t plan for how to handle these assets.’

The good news is that there’s plenty you can do now, before the unexpected happens, to ensure you get to determine the fate of your online life and additionally make things easier for the loved ones you leave behind.

Before you can decide how you want your digital assets managed after your death, you first need to take an inventory of your accounts, says Evan Carroll, coauthor of Your Digital Afterlife,'” by Carrie Arnold, AARP The Magazine, February/March 2014.
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