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Koch Bros. sent Rachel Maddow a script to read –
Her response was epic!

The Kochs Sent Rachel Maddow A Script To Read On Air. Her Response Was Epic.

What she revealed about the Kochs that angered them was this:

‘They are part of a network of state-based conservative think tanks that are designed to not look like a network. They all look vaguely indigenous. They all have what look to be locally-specific names, but their funding if you follow it comes in part from a central source of big money corporate donors, including groups affiliated with the Koch brothers.’

These are some of the groups: [scroll down in the story]

Rachel points out something very important:

The Koch brothers lawyers arent denying that they fund these organizations, but they dont want anyone reporting a connection between what these groups do and who gives them the money.’

This is important. This is evidence that they are trying to run this country from their own agenda, if evidence is needed at this point.

Why do these men do what they do? Why do they think that they can manipulate politics in this country without being held accountable? Maddow explains it; when people operate at a certain level of power and wealth, they are not used to ever hearing things that you do not want to hear, particularly things about yourself.
Read more of the entire story.

Click here for Rachel’s’ terrific video.

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