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Renewed hope that Lolita may return to Puget Sound

Lolita incarcerated at the Miami Seaquarium
Photo credit: Miami Seaquarium

– Lolita to get endangered protections
“The federal government has decided that a captive killer whale that has been performing for decades at the Miami Seaquarium deserves the same protection as a small population of endangered orcas that spend time in Washington state waters.

But the National Marine Fisheries Service also said Wednesday that the whale’s inclusion in the endangered listing does not impact the animal’s stay at the Florida facility where she has been since 1970.”

“Animal rights groups say the decision opens the way for them to argue that the whale’s living conditions violate provisions of the federal endangered-species law. They say she belongs in the wild.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund and other groups want the whale transferred to a seaside sanctuary that’s waiting for her in her home waters off the San Juan Islands,” quoting the AP and KING-5 TV News.
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– “Wash. bill bans whales, dolphins as entertainment”
“A Washington state lawmaker is proposing a preemptive ban on using dolphins and whales for entertainment in the state.

Sen. Kevin Ranker has introduced SB 5666, which would prohibit capturing or importing into the state a wild-caught or captive-bred whale, dolphin or porpoise with the intention to use it for performance or entertainment purposes.

The bill would not apply to facilities that are temporarily holding an animal for rehabilitation or research purposes,” quoting Susan Wyatt, KING 5 News.
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Read more about Lolita from the Orca Network.

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