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Yelm Police Officer Joel Turner on KING-5

From KING-5 TV News (NBC) in Seattle:
“Tumwater police officer John Kenderesi can relate to sniper Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal featured in the Oscar-nominated ‘American Sniper’ film.

Kenderesi was in the Army for eight years and now works as a marksman for the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office.”

“He credits his trainer, Yelm Police Officer Joel Turner, for keeping the snipers prepared.

‘We’re out there making tough decisions’ said Turner, ‘We train for that.’

Turner also has not had to shoot at anyone while on the SWAT team or while on patrol in Yelm.

He said it takes more than being a good shot to be a sniper.

Turner said the physical action of pulling the trigger is only about 10 percent of the job.

‘It’s mostly mental,’ said Turner who makes sure all of the snipers on the SWAT team learn how to control their emotions, focus when the adrenaline is flowing and are familiar with the law.

‘If you don’t know the law then you’re just dealing with emotions,’ said Turner.”
Read more and click here for the video

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