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A patient of Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC responds to accusations

Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC
Photo courtesy: Absolute Health Clinic

Editor’s Note:
In a rush to publish a story without sufficient background and waiting for Dr. Martinez, DC to return from his family holiday to be able to provide comments, I wrote this letter now published in the online edition of the Nisqually Valley News in response to the newspaper’s foray into an incriminating story of an area physician, yet omitting many facts and patient interviews. The newspaper’s Online Poll was highly inflammatory in omitting key facts, as well.

Yelm_Blogger posted:
I have proudly been a patient of Dr. Martinez, DC for over a year and am a very satisfied customer.
I have come to know him as a man of integrity, personal responsibility and most of all – “heart.”

I am standing-up for this PHYSICIAN, so that your readers have the opportunity to hear from one of his patients,
rather than from those commenting who have never experienced his manner, touch and healing nature.
In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a retired RSE staff member, as your newspaper reported last December.

Steve Klein

Absolute Health Clinic’s statement for his Yelm patients:
“Dr. Matt, DC has decided to close his Yelm office.

It was a hard decision but with the demands of his travel it has proven to be too difficult to maintain two clinics.

He values all of his patients and we will do our best to get you into the Olympia Office.”

Introducing Project Hope

Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC with David in Australia
Photo courtesy: Absolute Health Clinic

Project Hope is one of the many examples of “heart” conveyed by Dr. Martinez, a story that should be told locally:
“Project Hope is about a young man named David from Australia that Dr. Matt, DC is helping……..

David was misdiagnosed at birth & as a result has been in a wheelchair his whole life. He is a carefree & happy young man & loves life & his family.”
Read more

I have known the family of David in Australia for many years, his parents having been guests in our Yelm home and us visiting with them in Oz.
They are so thrilled with David’s progress since Dr. Martinez has been working with him.

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