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Yelm author Thomas Gondolfi, owner of TANSTAAFL Press

“Thomas Gondolfi holds up stuffed animals he uses to promote his book ‘Toy Wars.'”
Photo credit, Nisqually Valley News

– “Publishers, Authors Fill Yelm With Books”
By Steven Wyble, Nisqually Valley News, September 5, 2014:
“Books help shape peoples lives. They can inform, entertain and inspire. Its not surprising books play an important part of peoples lives, even as the Internet threatens to change the way people consume the written word.
Yelm is filled with book publishers, large and small, motivated more by spreading their message than by making money though money is still important.”

“Thomas Gondolfis parents were both bibliophiles, so its not surprising he grew up to found a small indie press in Yelm.
Gondolfis parents both loved western and mystery novels, but his dad had a penchant for science fiction that his mother only casually shared. But that love of science fiction rubbed off on Gondolfi. At first, his dad introduced him to the juvenile fiction of sci-fi author Robert Heinlein. As he grew up, he started getting into Heinleins adult fiction.
A Heinlein novel, in fact, was the inspiration for the name of Gondolfis company TANSTAAFL Press.
The acronym stands for, There aint no such thing as a free lunch, a phrase popularized by Heinleins novel, ‘The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.'”

TANSTAAFL Press has put out a total of five books, including two by Gondolfis longtime friend Bruce Graw, author of TANSTAAFL titles ‘Demon Holiday’ and ‘Demon Ascendant.’
‘I see it (the company) growing organically with the additional books Ive put out,’ he said.
Gondofli has learned the best way to promote books is through word-of-mouth, Gondofli said.”
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for the YouTube video, “Book Marketing According to Yelm’s TANSTAAFL Press.”

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