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Introducing the Yelm-based Northstar Newsletter

Michael Knight

RSE Student and lifelong journalist Michael Knight (no relation to JZ Knight) has been licensed by JZK, Inc to explore almost 40 years of Ramtha prophecies and compare them to current events in his new North Star Newsletter.

Knight admits that as an investigative journalist his first visit to RSE in 1988 was “to see for myself what this channeling was about – and maybe make some money by discrediting it and selling articles to international magazines. But that doesn’t mean I had a closed mind.”

Here is Michael Knight’s story in his own words:
“A good journalist doesn’t prejudge or write with bias and innuendo, as so many do these days. In my case, it was a matter of ‘if in doubt, find out.’ So I came to see for myself.”

“I paid my own way from New Zealand – went to an event in Yelm and another in Colorado – and although it was a mystery as to how channeling actually worked, I had to admit that no human being that I knew could talk and teach for hours at a time without notes and with such profound knowledge on such a wide range of subjects. In short, I had to admit there was no fraud involved.”

“Now, as Editor of The North Star Newsletter I can apply the skills I’ve acquired as a journalist since 1960. I’ve worked internationally in all branches of the media, but I left the mainstream behind long ago because their standards and ethics leave a lot to be desired. Rather than ‘if in doubt, find out,’ they ‘never let the facts spoil a good story’ (a direct quote from a radio news editor I worked with long ago – and soon left).”

“My company and the The North Star Newsletter are completely independent of RSE and JZK, Inc; the relationship is simply that North Star Publishing Inc is licensed to use certain prophecies and statements made by Ramtha over the years, and to compare them with current events.

“One example would be his statement back in 1999 that water would become more precious than gold. That would be hard to believe in a place like Washington. But in the feature article on the front page of our web site we see that not only are California and neighboring states in severe drought conditions, but it is even worse in other places around the world. And it won’t get better any time soon.”

“Thanks to the Internet, this is an international newsletter – but the majority of subscribers do come from the Yelm area – and not just RSE students either. I’m sure that anyone with an interest in current – and future – events will find the information in these exclusive articles extremely useful. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.”

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