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Residents queried about the future of Yelm – these folks clearly “get it”

From the Nisqually Valley News published online June 3rd:
“Question of the Week:
What type of business would you most like to see developed in Yelm?”

“Question of the Week: Yelm City Council approved a planned action that will streamline the future development of seven undeveloped commercial properties near Walmart. What type of business would you most like to see developed there?”

Editor’s note:
These responses stood out as folks that “get it” –

– Jennifer Doughty Bourke of Yelm, retail supervisor
More small businesses. No more banks, restaurants or coffee shops. No more corporations.”

– Valerie Aikens-Schwindt of Yelm, cashier
“Anything but more big box stores and chains. All of the money and good jobs leave our community and we stagnate economically when they come in. We need to support and encourage local businesses, not destroy them.

– Dayna Yacobazzi-Brown of Yelm, family support/early learning
Since we’re the ‘Gateway to Mount Rainier,’ how about we finally get around to capitalizing on that fact with something like a Mount Rainier-themed water slide park. Hey, I can dream. We can compete directly with the Great Wolf Lodge, but with more focus on food and rides. Or we can just continue on with the stripmallification of the prairie so we can be as unique as, well, the rest of America.”

– Katie Allowatt of Yelm, nanny
“What we don’t need are more chain restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops or banks. We have Mountain Lumber so we don’t need a Lowe’s or Home Depot. We don’t have the population to support a Costco, Target, Fred Meyer or other department store. A skate park is being constructed, a community center in which children’s activities can be scheduled is in the construction phase. Although a YMCA would be great, they would use the community center. So how about the Yelm City Council quit growing the town without a lot of thought on what the town is supposed to represent other than fast food restaurants, gas stations and banks.

– Mona Etteldorf Keifer of Lake Lawrence, business manager
“I would love to see a community college or vocational/trade school go there. An opportunity for our kids to further their careers without driving 45 minutes in any direction would be great. School equals teachers and staff equals money spent locally at restaurants equals increased tax base equals money for stuff like swimming pools. More educated adults equals greater independence and quality of life.

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