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Blog reader raises Yelm mismanagement issue: newly planted, now dead trees

10 Dead trees at Mossman Avenue looking east at 1st Ave.
Photo credit: Yelm Community Blog, July 1, 2015

Following on the heels of what Mayor Harding calls the city’s “mistake,” the city’s debacle with White Horse Tavern covered here extensively last week, a Yelm Community Blog reader mentioned the city’s mismanagement of the now-dead trees at the newly reconstructed intersection of Mossman Avenue & 1st Street in Yelm.

I went to investigate and the photograph above witnesses what I saw – most all of the newly planted trees there are already dead or dying.
I happened to pass by the intersection a day later and saw a contractor sprinkling the trees from a small trailer tank on his pick-up truck.
I asked him about the dead trees and he replied he is contracted to be there periodically a few times a week.
In noting his small water tank, those trees could not possibly be sufficiently watered to keep them healthy in this unusual heat.
Instead of a five minute sprinkle, to take root and survive those juvenile trees need to be watered at least 30 minutes every other day in this heat and dry condition.
Interesting that the grass strips on Stevens and Edwards streets are watered regularly and green in this historic dry spell as an example, while and the new Mossman trees are meagerly watered. Hmmm.

I wrote to the Yelm Tree Advisory Board on January 20, 2015 about my sponsoring a plaque to name this area for a local citizen. I received no response from them, rather Yelm City Administrator Shelly Badger saying “the Council concurred that the request did not meet the intentions outlined in Chapter 12.22, YMC.”

Further, I am on-record many times previously offering to replace trees along Yelm Ave. E. AT MY EXPENSE lost in the record snow and ice storm or died due to lack of water, all to no avail.

Therefore, I will publicly offer via this Blog to replace the Mossman intersection trees AT MY EXPENSE, if the city will water them properly in this dry summer heat to give them a chance to live.

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